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Remarks:  The Kirtland Warbler is also nick named the “Fire Bird “due to the fact that it relies on fires to open up the cone of the Jack Pine.  When this happens the seeds of the tree are dispersed and the sapling quickly grows. These small Jack Pines serve as the nesting habitat for the Kirtland Warbler.  The Kirtland’s Warbler was on the brink of extinction not too long ago.   A collective effort from several organizations, along with the Michigan Forest Service has significantly increased the Kirtland’s numbers.  This is the basis for the title “Ballad of the Phoenix”.  The Phoenix was the first legendary “Fire Bird”.  It was said that after its fiery demise it was reborn again from its own ashes.  It should be noted however, that the Kirtland’s numbers are far from stable and many people still dedicate their lives to keep the Kirtland Warbler a bird that will forever nest in Michigan.

Local internationally acclaimed artist, Kim Diment’s painting of the Kirtland Warbler was last year’s featured painting for the Watershed Art Project’s (WAP) mystery mural. Grayling’s art patrons, with help from WAP artists and partners, contributed to the piece by finishing a 12x12 inch “mystery” tile that was later unveiled (with names of each participant engrave on a plaque) for the Grayling community and visitors to enjoy. This art piece is framed and hung on the Sounds and Signals (Radio Shack) building downtown Grayling.

Original Acrylic

Image size:
12" x 16"

Giclee Prints

Canvas & Paper

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Image Size:
12" x 16"

Edition Size 250*

*Half of the edition will be sold to benefit the Kirland Warbler habitat.

Allow six weeks for delivery of prints.
For framed prints, contact Kim Diment.

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