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  "Three of a Perfect Pair""Bird's Eye View of North Country Trail""Razor's Edge" (razorbill auk)"Little Brothers" (Atlantic puffins)"Ramblin Gamblers""Hex Busting""Upper Falls Fly By"  
  "Mrs. Red""Mr. Red"  
  "Through the Grape Vine""Dine and Dash"  
  "What's Up Doc?""Red Sky" osprey"Nit Pickin'" (sandhill cranes)  
  "Puff N Stuff" (Atlantic puffins)"Ballad of the Phoenix"  
  "Great Blue Sunset""Gobble de Gook"  
   "Ole Stumping Grounds" (wood duck)  
     "Goldeneyes" (goldeneye ducks)"Ringnecks & Big Mac" (ringneck ducks and Mackinaw Bridge)  
  "Tucked Away" (wood duck)"Fuzzy Morning" (Canada geese) "Boyz in the Hood" (hooded mergansers)  
  "Coming or Going" (mallard)"Airing Out" (Canada geese)  
  "Aerie" (bald eagle)Click to return to the N.American Birds page.  
  "Tundra Swans over Lake Huron""Fly Fishing" (ospreys)  

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