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"The Visitor""Blues Brothers""Wishful Thinking"
  "Otter Confusion""A Long Stretch"  
  "Three Amigos"  
  "Reflections on Brown Bridge Pond""Ringtail & Sphinx""Moonlighting"  
  "Tahqua Crossing""Between the Falls"   "Lower Falls Otter Stop""Tank Lake Trek"  
   "Dreams in Sienna" (cougar)  "Flora & Fauna""Tahquamenon River Snow Patrol"  
    "A Touch of Gray" "Summer Hare Highlights"  
        "Morning Velvet" (white-tailed deer)"A Bird in the Hand"  
  "Bygones of Ed" (white-tailed deer)   "Sitting out the Fox Trot" (red fox)  
  "Two Track" (North American Bobcat)  "White Flag at Sunset" (white-tailed deer)  
  "The Old Fising Hole" (black bears) "Prevailing Westerly" "Bob" (lynx)  
  "Primrose & Pick A Pen"  "Summit" (mountain lion)  

"Zorro" (raccoon)  "Buffalo & Thunderheads" (bison)


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