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Plein Air is a French term meaning "open air" and it is used to describe painting outdoors.
Above: Kim working in the field "en plein air" on a detail from a stream setting (left) and painting
pitcher plans along the bog at Cranberry Lake (left.)

Flowering Northern Pitcher Plant


Kim's painting "Flowering Northern Pitcher Plant" (shown at left) was started as a plein air painting.  She is working on this painting in the photo at the top, left of this page.  She later finished this painting in the studio based on reference photographs she took on location in the bog.  This painting was juried into the exhibition Blossom II which premiered at the Naples Museum of Arts in February 2011.


"Water Lilies" Plein Air

Water Lilies 12”x24”  -  Plein Air 2009  

Remarks:  These beautiful water lilies were a feature in my neighbor’s incredible garden.    The painting was a plein air done on a rainy summer day during the Grayling Garden walk.  The location I picked for my set up was a little precarious.  It wasn’t too far into the painting before I manage to knock my palette into the pond.  Because of the garden walk, I had several people running to help me fish my palette out of the site of my intended painting.  After a rough start the “Water Lilies” was finally completed.  During my painting experience, it was interesting to observe two separate water lilies completely open up within the course of six hours.

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Golden Bend Reflections - 6" x 11" watercolor

This was a scene painted early fall in Dubois, Wyoming.

"Streambank Study""Bluebird Path""Dogwood Blossoms"
"Streambank Study"  &  Riverbank Hipster"


Rare Sasquatch sighting!
(You never know what you might encounter while painting in the field.)

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