Most of Kim Diment's artwork is available as fine art prints.
Artwork that is currently available in print is indicated on individual descriptions.  Many artworks are available as Giclee prints, but are not yet printed.  The time necessary for making a Giclee print runs approximately six weeks.  Kim's Giclees are made through Vada Color in Traverse City, Michigan.  All Giclee prints are signed, numbered, and include a signed certificate of authenticity.  If you have any questions go to the "contact page" for information about contacting Kim Diment.


  Remarques: Sample pencil remarque
All of Kim's prints on paper (not the canvas editions) are also available with pencil remarques.  These remarques are original pencil drawings on the margin of the print.  The subject matter can be left up to the artists, or can be custom ordered through Kim.  A pencil remarque adds an additional cost of $150 to the print.  A remarque is a great way to add a small original to your limited-edition print of Kim's artwork.  Shown below is a sample of Kim's remarques.


About Giclee Prints:
Pronounced "zhee-clay," Giclee is a French word meaning to spray on.  While this is a simple description used in printing, Giclee fine art reproductions is much more.  It begins with a scan of the original artwork.  By using high-end drum scanners and digital cameras, the depth of color, subtle hues, and intricate detail that is present in fine art originals is captured.  This digital image is then sent to computer workstations where experienced technicians make any artist-requested modifications and then size and crop the image for printing.  The image is then printed on the best quality fine art paper or canvas using pigmented inks that are guaranteed not to face under normal lighting conditions for over 200 years.

Giclee prints are a work-of-art in themselves utilizing time-tested craftsmanship and modern technology to create a valuable fine art reproduction that will provide many years of enjoyment for its owner.


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