Below are some of Kim's paintings during the creation process.  You can see changes occur from the earlier stages to the finished paintings.  Some of the changes are subtle while others are quite dramatic like the wolf that walked out of the scene in the painting "Tank Lake Trek."

This is one of Kim's most recent paintings in progress called "Tahqua Fisher".

"Stepping Out" preliminary work  "Stepping Out" painting in progress.  Click to see finished Painting.

 "Stepping Out"
At left is the painting sketched in with gray and at right is the painting in progress (unfinished.)
Click here to see the finished painting or order a print.

"Tank Lake Trek" drawing

Original drawing for "Tank Lake Trek".  Click on the image to see
the finished painting and the changes Kim made.

"Between the Falls" in progress

"Between the Falls" finished

This is a series of images showing the start and finish of Kim's painting of black bears called "Between the Falls."  To see a larger image of this painting and for more information about the painting, prints of the painting and the special project this was created for click on the images.



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