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"Helmeted Guinea Fowl are a comical addition to any safari.  They are common, charismatic and loud.  These oddly shaped birds are chicken sized.  They are social and can be found foraging in the grasses in large groups.  They are not fond of flying but will reluctantly do so when disturbed.  This is always accompanied by a bunch of noise.  

 I remember a funny account of a group of about 50 Guinea Fowl.  They were all cowering under a scraggly small tree.  This was unfortunate arrangement was due to a Tawny Eagle that had discovered them.  They were trying desperately to get a drink of water from a nearby waterhole and being that water was scarce in this area they had no choice.  The Tawny had no intention of killing one as he had already eaten.  It had appeared as if he was making a great game of terrorizing the Guineas each time they got the courage to stray out from under their limited protection. 

 Off his perch he would come, swoop over and send up an explosion of noise and feathers! Erratically they would zig zag back and fourth, finally all ending up, once again, under the miserable little tree.   Five minutes later the chaos would start again." - Kim Diment

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