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Image size: 12" x 24"

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Artist's Note:  "Bogs are fascinating to me.  I love the animal and plant life found within them.  The fact that many of the North American carnivorous plants are found in these unique environments only adds to their mystery.  The majority of this acrylic painting was done plein-air in late spring with wet fee and a chorus of mosquitoes as accompaniment.  Sarracenia purpea, more commonly known as the Northern Picture Plant is a plant adapted to the acidic Sphagnum bogs of the north.  Like most plants, the pitcher plant needs nitrogen as a nutrient for development.  Acidic bogs provide little nitrogen and pitcher plants have adapted by becoming carnivorous.  Their unique design is the result of basal leaves melding together to form a water catching tubular base.  This hollow base is open to the sky so that it can collect rain water.  The plant secretes enzymes into this water-filled cavernous bulb.  The neck at the opening of the tube is lined with many recurred hairs which point down to the bottom of the plant.  These hairs attract insects.  They allow the insect easy access into the water-filled cavern but will not let the insect exit.  The insect eventually tires trying to escape.  It will fall in to the enzymatic waters of the basal tube and drown.  The insect is then dissolved and digested.  The picture plant gets its nitrogen.

There are 17 species of pitcher plans in North America.  Because of their curious nature, many species of pitcher plants are endangered due to plant collectors and loss of habitat.  - Kim Diment

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