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Ringtails are nocturnal as are White lined Sphinx Moths.  Although Ringtails also called Miner’s Cats and Civet Cats they are actually in the raccoon family.  Miner’s Cat came from a time when Ringtails were domesticated and used in the mines for keeping rodent populations down.   Ringtails expel a putrid smell when threatened or frightened earned them their second nickname of Civet Cat.  Native Nahuatyl Indians called Ringtails “Cacomistles” which translates to “half mountain lion”. 

Ringtails have a unique foot structure very much like a squirrel’s. This allows them to rotate that foot 180 degrees and run down trees and rocks face first. 

I was interested in the White lined Sphinx because of its expansive range.  I thought it was interesting that a moth that could exist in northern Michigan could also live in Mexico pollinating Prickly Pear Cactus and feeding Ringtails!

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