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Coati,Hedgehog Cactus and Organ Pipe Cactus

Typical to the Raccoon family in which they belong, Coatis are opportunistic omnivores that are attracted to human “goodies”.  These Coatis were no exception and would help themselves to an un attended backpack.  

Coatis are also called Antoons or Tejons.  Tejon is a Mexican name for Badger.  One of the most amusing descriptions I have heard given of the Coati goes something like this… “A regular raccoon stretched from nose to tail until skinny”.  If you can imagine that you come up with a pretty good Coati in coloration and shape.  I don’t know however, anyone brave enough to try a stretching a raccoon. 

I was so excited when we spotted Coatis on our first Nacapulae Canyon walk.  I had only seen them in zoos up to that day.  They were descending a small grove of palms when we caught our first glimpse.  Coatis will overnight in trees to keep themselves safe from night predators.  These charismatic creatures are very social and it is common to see them traveling in troops.  Later treks into the canyon allowed us even closer encounters with the Coati. 


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