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Sandhill Cranes pair for life.  Their elaborate courtship displays reaffirm their bond every year. Cranes are the oldest birds on the planet.  Fossils of cranes (very much like the Sandhill) have been found in Nebraska at 9 million years old.  There haunting calls are a nostalgic voice to the U.P.   Sandhills are omnivores.  They eat waste grains, frogs, snakes rodents, insects and some vegetation.  Sandhills typically are gray in color but take on a coppery hue when they preen their feathers with mud and peat found in bogs.  These materials contain oxides that stain their feathers.  When flying Sandhills extend their neck straight out which is an easy way to tell them apart from the Great Blue Heron.  When migrating they will take advantage of wind thermals.  For this reason, they will sometimes be seen flying in giant concentric circles high above in the sky. 

This pair allowed me to see their baby only after a quiet, patient wait.    The chick was very new and still a little tottery.  It was a special scene for me as a previous encounter with a family of cranes had been heartbreaking.  This unfortunate encounter happened several years back.  My husband and I came across a pair of Sandhills next to the road and acting very erratic.  I was worried they were going to get hit.  We got out of the vehicle and soon found the source of the crane's odd behavior.  Their chick had been hit by a car and they were standing vigil.  They would not abandon the dead chick until my husband moved it from the ditch to the nearby woods.  The image of them calling and flying off over the bog always haunted me.  This is why "Three of A Perfect Pair" has such meaning.  It reminded me that most often things come around full circle.

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