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Blue Jays are intelligent, beautifully colored and very loud.  They often snow up in groups( called scolds) and take over the bird feeder.   For this reason many people consider them the neighborhood bird bully.  Bullies they may be, but they are also good at policing the area for both good and bad.   Just recently I watched all my little birds and red squirrels at the feeder go scurrying when a group of loud mouthed jays uncovered a goshawk.  I also notice when I feed the birds one loud mouth jay makes a call and within minutes birds are everywhere!   Blue jays have a myriad of different calls.  They are also superb mimics and do a very convincing Red Shouldered Hawk call.   It is is thought this little skill allows Jays to psych other birds because they are afraid of the mock raptor.   With fewer birds in the area, the jay benefits from the extra abandoned resources.

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